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Comics or Glory

If you're not into comics, you are not my friend

MoCCA 2010
MoCCA Art Fest is this weekend, and I will be there!

Saturday April 10, 11 AM-6 PM
Sunday April 11, 10:30 AM-6 PM
69th Regiment Armory
68 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY

I'll be at tables C4 & 5 along with Becky Cloonan, Melissa DeJesus, Hwan Cho, Robin Ha, Eve Grandt and Vasilis Lolos!  I'll have copies of my new book, Loose Ends (which I got in the nick of time) and other awesome stuff as well!  See you there!

I can't draw on the computer
I feel like I should post more sketches and whatnot.  I don't usually draw digitally, but I figured I'd give it a shot., since I have a fancy new tablet.  Her eyes are totally out of line, but fixing it would've been a pain in the ass, since I didn't really notice till after I colored it.  So I'm lazy.


I'm a natural disaster

Ooooh, backgrounds.  This panel took way too long to finish.  I thought I went too far with the window grates at first, but it's grown on me.  I drew some people separately that I have to paste in there, so I may as well show this panel in its original glory.  Just ignore the crappy cars off to the side.

Am I going to have an update for Wasted Minds tomorrow?!  Holy shit.

Technical difficulties abound!
Hey look!  I made a new book!

Edit: Oh look, my new journal layout doesn't allow wide pictures without getting cut off.  BOO!!  Full image is here.

I changed the blonde girl's hair to brown in the final because I think it fit better, but I'm too lazy to reupload it.  I also have actual back cover copy, but it's lame.

I had planned on getting this book out by Monday or maybe early Tuesday so I could get copies in time for MoCCA, but I had to draw 14 new interior pictures and the cover, and I'm a much slower artist than I like to think I am.  On top of that InDesign did not want to work with me.  For whatever reason, it doesn't want to export PDFs with 100% blacks.  The only helpful info I could find on that front was to go to "Appearance of Black" in my preferences and make sure that the printing/exporting option was set to accurate black (instead of rich black).  It was.  It didn't change anything.

After spending far too long trying to make something else work, I imported the whole book into Photoshop, so I could make a PDF from there.  Except with CS4, you have to make PDFs in Adobe Bridge, which is way more complicated than it should be.  I made a PDF, but all my images were shrunk a little.  Why?  Who knows?  So I finally transferred the files to my Mac, which runs CS1, and I made a 100% black, 100% sized PDF.  Whew!

Then I went to print my book out so I could proof it, and my printer ran out of ink after like five pages.  So I proofed it on the computer and I'm hoping I don't have any bad moire patterns, because I had to resize most of the comics in this book.

I finally got my files uploaded around 10:30 pm Wednesday night.  I had to put a rush order on my books so I would get them in on time.  The rush fee came out to about $1/book, so I only ordered 15 copies, because I'd rather pay an extra $15 than an extra $50-75.

Also, ComixPress says they can accept RGB files for color printing, which I'm somewhat skeptical of, but my cover is obnoxiously bright, so I sent the RGB file.

On the bright side, I finally finished the hellish Wasted Minds page I've been working on (the inks at least, still have to tone).  So I may actually update my webcomic again.  (It's not like I say that every time I update, but I'm a dirty liar.)

Resistance is Futile
I finally caved in and got myself a Facebook page.  (Now I can see stuff when people link to Facebook, yay!)  I'm pretty much an internet whore, so go be my friend.

I'll post some art soon, I swear.  I should probably do daily sketches or something.  That would be exciting.

Edit: I just noticed that my user pic doesn't show up with individual posts with my new layout?!  So tragic.  =(

Oh, what a sexy fun time!

My roommate's rabbit Ichabod has been ill lately, and at first we weren't sure how long he had left to live, but I guess he's doing better now.  I've never seen him this active ever.  He chased Elphaba around for over an hour, humping any part he could get a hold of (her face, her shoulder; at one point he was halfway in their litter box, holding onto her, but humping the side of the box).  Every now and then he would stop and sit down, lulling her into a false sense of security, only to chase her again.  Best entertainment I've had in a while.

Square one, here I come
more Kyusaku
Every time I seem to get a break in my work schedule, more work comes my way.  I guess I shouldn't complain, but I spent two weeks or so doing nothing but work all day.

Enough whining.  More sketches.

Check out that awesome sci-fi cityscape in the second picture.

I picked up a calender of sci-fi pulp covers.  It's pretty sweet.  I did a couple sketches inspired by that, too.

I'll make my aliens a little less lame if I decide to do finished pictures of these (or you know, draw a comic).

I'm still making comics.  I've just had a crapload of pain in the ass backgrounds to draw.

Walk this way
I took one of my sketches from a couple posts ago and did a finished picture.  I don't want to say how long ago I started it. T_T  Also, Internet Explorer is being retarded and not letting me access my FTP site.  Does this mean I'm going to have to actually download an FTP program?  (I'm hotlinking from Deviant Art instead.  Ha ha ha ha!)

A Christmas Miracle!
I'm updating my blog. Truly the greatest miracle of all!

I had three rush jobs back to back over the past month or so, leaving me no time to draw lately. That would be why I haven't updated any comics in a month. I also have to take some photos for reference before I can finish the next few pages. Ah ha ha. I will make time for that this week. I probably won't update next week, but hopefully the following week. Just in time for the new year!

Anyway, here's a few more sketches.


Have a good Christmas/Kwanza/belated Hanukkah/Festivus/Saturnalia/Winter Solstice/whatever!  =P

Hot pants explosion at the factory
I thought it would be nice to post some sketches, because I hardly ever update any more. It turns out my new scanner sucks hard at scanning pencils, but I made do with the burn tool. Besides, they're just sketches, so it's not that big a deal.

I thought I would try a couple different styles, but they wound up looking like everything else I draw. OH WELL.

The facial features are slightly different. I doubt anyone can tell. Ha ha ha. The next few are more successful, I suppose.