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Comics or Glory

If you're not into comics, you are not my friend

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Convincing Selling Point
Hello Livejournal!  I missed you!

Flippy phone is a technical term.

I've been busy with work as usual, but I hope to have more Wasted Minds up soon.  (I always say this.)

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HAW HAW HAW. I just left a comment on your devART post. Guess it would be redundant if I re-posted it here, huh? Flippy phones are cool, though. Mine doubles as a mp3 player (even though I have an iPod). :-3

My phone can play mp3s too, but I need a special headphone jack for it. And I think it only holds something like 800 mb, so I've never used it for that.

Yeah, same with mine. I got the Samsung Juke 'cause I'd just joined a gym and HATE working out without my own music (the music at the gym usually sucks pretty hard). But then my wife got me a 120 GB iPod Classic shortly thereafter, so I have no more use for my phone as a mp3 player.

Oh, well...

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