MoCCA 2011

I always mean to update my blog more often, but I never do. =(

Anyway, MoCCA is this weekend, and I will be there! I'm at table E4, and I have no one to share my table this year, so you should stop by so I won't get lonely. I will hopefully be debuting a new mini comic. I just need to finish drawing it first. HA HA HA. The cover is below.

more Kyusaku

Back in black (and white)

Oh, hey Livejournal. I have not forsaken thee.

I finally updated Wasted Minds, after months of absence. The next page will be done in time for next week, too. Shocking!

I also started a Tumblr! I've mostly been reblogging stuff I think is cool, but I post up sketches every now and then as well.
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I always look like that

I think annoyed is my default facial expression.

I should just do strips in lieu of actual convention reports, because I never do con reports.  That’s all I got from the whole weekend.  Ha ha!  XD

Thanks to Amy Chase for the drawing, which I lazily used instead of drawing out my own damn panel.

Choose a Cat, Draw a Girl

I found out about it too late last year, but this year I decided to do harveyjames Choose a Cat, Draw a Girl meme. Because sometimes you just gotta draw a girl in a silly hat.


In other exciting news, I caved and got myself a Tumblr! And if you were following me there, you'd have seen these by now. u_u (I'm not quitting Livejournal or anything, I'm just expanding my internet influence.)

King Con 2010

King Con is this weekend, and I think I have a table there. There were some communication issues, and everyone who was going to share the table with me dropped out (including the person who registered the table). So as far as I know, I have a table, but I don't know where it will be. Fun times. But if you're going, keep an eye out for me. =D

Can't say I didn't try

I've been overloaded with deadlines lately, so I haven't had time to draw in almost a month.  So this is the first thing I draw when I finally have time.  Drawing backgrounds are for losers!

Shamelessly hotlinking from Deviant Art because I'm using stolen internet and it won't let me connect to my FTP. >=[

This is back from SPX, where I left Hwan to sleep on the couch without a blanket instead of waking her up so she could sleep in a bed. I tried, though. :/

I'll hopefully have some new comic pages soon, as long as I can force myself to do difficult backgrounds.
my precious

SPX 2010

Hi Livejournal.  Long time no see.  I've been in a drawing slump lately, but when am I not? :/

ANYWAY.  SPX is this weekend, and I will be there, along with the lovely and talented Robin Ha and Hwan Cho.  We'll be at table C5.  I'll have copies of my new-ish book, Loose Ends and other goodies!  Hope to see you there!

Hopefully I'll have something worthwhile to post soon.  I should start tagging my entries where I whine about how I never have any art done.  Oh wait, that would be every entry.
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The most magical place

Holy shit, did I just draw a comic strip?!  I'm drunk with freedom!  ANYWAY.

The table was the first thing we saw when we walked in the door.  I was instantly in a better mood about blowing my morning and early afternoon at Ikea.  I missed my deadline, but it wasn't the end of the world (it wasn't just the Ikea trip that caused me to miss my deadline).  I got the table.

And as a bonus (if you missed me posting it on Twitter and Facebook), here's a totally realistic picture of me riding the cart at Ikea.  I'm a mature 30-year-old for sure!


Kickin' it old school

I've been so swamped with work the past month that I've barely had time to draw.  It's mostly because the last few volumes of Prince of Tennis take place in a stadium, and it's a bitch to retouch.  But I've only got three volumes left, so I guess I have that to look forward to.  Anyway, I decided to do a quick illustration to get back into the swing of things before I want to kill myself drawing backgrounds.  This girl I watch on Deviant Art does monthly art jams, so I decided to do one of those.  This month's theme was Betty and Wilma.

It's a little depressing to see a picture I spent maybe three hours on get six favorites within half an hour of posting it, while my comic pages that I put a lot of effort into get no attention, but that's Deviant Art for you. :/

I also need to stop doing pictures like this.  It was a cute idea when I did the series of color girls, but I feel like I'm limiting myself sticking to the same sort of composition a lot of the time.

I feel so bitchy after writing all this.  Ha ha ha.  I'm not actually in a bad mood.

Is anybody else having problems with clicking links?  I have to click them like 2-3 times for them to actually go through.  (I think mooncalfe was having the same problem, so I guess I just answered my own question.)  It's super annoying at any rate.